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When is your next public auto auction? 
At this time, we do not have a date for our next public auction.

What hours are people allowed to preview upcoming auction items? 
Preview will be by appointment only.  Please call/text: 907-482-0090 or email: to schedule a preview appointment.

When will you post photos of what is being auctioned? 
We will post photos of auction vehicles as we are able to obtain them.

How often do you hold auto auctions? 
We typically have an auction every month due to the small size of our impound yard.

Do these vehicles run? 
While we cannot and will not guarantee that any of these vehicles run, if they ran at the time of impound, we will relay that information.
Many of our auction vehicles were abandoned; therefore, we will have no knowledge about whether they run or not.

Is there a minimum bid? 
Yes, minimum bids will be listed on the website closer to auction time and also on the sale catalog.

Is there a buyer's premium on bids? 
No, we do not charge a buyer's premium.  The price you bid is the price you pay.

What types of payment do you accept for auctioned items? 
We accept cash, certified check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and debit card.
Please note that we do charge a 5% convenience fee for any transactions other than cash or certified check.

Do you only auction vehicles? 
While we mostly have cars and trucks for auction, occasionally we will have ATVs, snowmachines, motorcycles, tractors , trailers, campers and other items for sale.  We also occasionally will have pallets of personal items removed from vehicles for auction.

Where do the vehicles come from that you are auctioning? 
Many of the vehicles that we have for auction are the result of police impounds for various reasons.  Additionally, we obtain vehicles through private property impounds.

Will I be able to get this vehicle titled once I pay for it? 
Yes, upon payment you will receive a packet of paperwork that may be used to obtain a title and registration for the vehicle.  This process will require that a vehicle inspection is performed prior to titling. (See below for further details.)
Some of our vehicles already have a valid title.  These vehicles are not required to be inspected prior to titling.

What is the process for having an auctioned vehicle inspected? 
1.  The vehicle must be present at DMV.
2.  Request a vehicle inspection.  (This is free of charge at DMV)
3.  The DMV representative physically verify the VIN and the following:
          -  That the vehicle is operational
          -  Seat belts are present
          -  Headlights are intact
          -  Taillights are intact
          -  Reflectors are intact
          -  Brake lights are intact
          -  License Plate lights are intact
          -  Turn signals function
          -  Hazard lights function
          -  Foot brake is intact
          -  Emergency parking brake is present
          -  License plates are intact
          -  Windshield is intact (small cracks are ok; shattered is NOT)
          -  Wipers and defroster are intact
          -  Safety glass is intact
          -  Horn functions
          -  Mirrors are intact
          -  Steering assembly is intact
          -  Body is in functioning and safe condition
          -  Energy absorption systems are intact
          -  Muffler is intact
          -  Tires are intact and safe condition
          -  Anti-spray devices are intact
4.  Present your auction packet and DMV Form 812 to obtain your title.

How do I get my vehicle removed following the auction? 
You may chose one of the following options for vehicle removal:
     a.  Drive it away (we recommend a one-way trip pass be obtained
         from DMV)

     b.  Have Fairbanks Towing & Recovery deliver it for you
     c.  Have another towing company tow it for you
     d.  Load it on a trailer and tow it yourself

How long do I have to remove my vehicle following the auction? 
We expect that all auctioned items will be removed by 5:00pm the day of the auction.

How do I obtain a one-way trip pass to get the vehicle to DMV for this inspection? 
You can pay $5.00 at DMV for a one-way trip pass.  You will need the VIN number.

I am unable to attend the auction but I'd still like to place a bid on an item.  Is that possible? 
Yes, we will accept absentee bids up until 30 minutes prior to the start of the auction.  Please see our office staff for further details on how to place an absentee bid.


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