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My vehicle was in an accident and now it is at your yard.  What do I need to do next? 

1.  Contact  your insurance agent and ask for their guidance.

2.  Please call our office and give us a verbal release to your insurance company.  (At this time, you may also arrange to retrieve your personal belongings.)

3.  If the insurance company decides to have it repaired, have them contact us to arrange to have it towed to the chosen repair facility.

4.  If the insurance company decides that it is totaled, we need a verbal release from the insurance company to release it to the salvage company.

I can't afford the fees.  Am I allowed to just retrieve my belongings? 

Yes, you may retrieve your belongings from the vehicle as long as you are one of the registered owners.

I'm not a registered owner but I was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.  Am I allowed to just retrieve my belongings? 

No, only the registered owners are allowed access to the vehicle to retrieve belongings.

If I can't retrieve my vehicle right away, are there daily storage fees? 

Yes, each day that the vehicle is impounded, a storage fee of $40 will be added to the bill.

I have the title and my name is signed in the "Buyer" information.  Will allow me access to the  vehicle? 

No, the vehicle must officially be titled and/or registered to you.  The only exception to this rule is if there is a transfer pending and you are listed as the perspective owner.

I can't afford to pay all the fees at once.  Can I set up a payment plan and make payments? 

No, we must have payment in full before we are able to release the vehicle.

I received  a registered letter informing me of an impound.  What do I need to do? 

1.  You may pay the impound fees and claim the vehicle.

2.  If you choose to not claim the vehicle an you have the title, you may bring us the title after signing as "Seller"  (This stops the accumulation of storage fees.)

3.  You may do nothing and simply let it go to auction.

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